Letter from our CEO

These are heady times. We now find ourselves at a crossroads in the world of nursing home management, and the constant upheaval and uncertainty surrounding our nation’s healthcare system offers little or no confidence that things will be settled anytime soon.

HMO’s have become more and more difficult to deal with, and government backed insurances must be navigated constantly and perfectly in order to maintain appropriate reimbursement. In today’s complicated and ever-evolving healthcare world, every dollar counts, and the combination of expertise and manpower will rule the day.

Over a decade ago, upon realizing how quickly and drastically the needs of my clients were changing, I founded LTC Consulting Services with the simple goal to offer a unique alternative to ‘old-school’ nursing home management: offsite, cost effective and custom tailored billing solutions for nursing home facilities. This unique solution was designed to meet these overwhelming challenges head-on, and to serve as an integral asset to facilities nationwide by allowing operators to focus their efforts and expertise where they are needed most- the facility itself.

Because it is easy for insurances to simply deny coverage, and because it is entirely understandable for a business office and its staff to become overwhelmed by the buildup of cases and issues that arise on a constant basis, LTC’s expertly trained staff of billing professionals create tremendous value- and relief- by stepping into the shoes of the business office and deftly manage the daily tasks efficiently and effectively. While we are immensely proud of our achievements, we know that our terrific customer service is the key to our continued growth and success. Please feel free to reach out at any time; I look forward to working with - and for - you.

Best wishes,


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