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By tapping into our vast industry experience, organizations can easily access an experienced financial mind at a cost that matches their needs and budget. The Financial Advisory Services team focuses on your complete financial picture and eliminates many pain points. From assisting with your ongoing financial decisions to supporting your long-term growth, we’ve got you covered.

  • Outsourced CFO

    Achieve peace of mind by tapping into our expert CFO service.
    Outsourcing a CFO provides your business with access to just the right amount of senior financial talent without the full-time price tag. Through a team of experienced CPA’s and industry experts, LTCFAS obtains a thorough understanding of your financial picture. Small to mid-sized companies can access an experienced financial mind at a cost that matches the needs and budget of their business.

    Scope of Services:

    a. Robust Cloud-based Reporting Customized for Operators, Investors and Lenders
    b. Accounting & Reporting Structure Optimization
    c. Analysis of Potential M&A Deals
    d. Ensure that your KPIs are in Line with Industry Benchmarks
    e. Leverage our Industry Experience and Relationships with Lenders for your Benefit
    <span id=blockCFO></span>Outsourced CFO
  • Merger & Acquisition Diligence

    Our diligence service provides prospective investors and lenders with security, knowing that historical seller data has been analyzed and rolled forward into reliable projections. With every angle defined and calculated, our timely assessment will identify risk and opportunity with a clear set of financial goals, and support investment decision making.
    Scope of Services:

    a. Compilation and Evaluation of Historical Data
    b. Comparative Analysis of Figures Based on National, Regional and Local Benchmarks
    c. Identification of Opportunity and Areas of Possible Financial Improvement
    d. Determination of Financial and Environmental Uncertainty and Contingency Planning
    e. Cash Flow Forecasting and Estimating Working Capital
    <span id=blockAnalyze></span>Merger & Acquisition Diligence
  • Valuation of Receivables

    Our CPA Team has the experience and skill necessary to financially and practically break down the different elements of Accounts Receivable to support the calculation of the net realizable value.
    Scope of Services:

    a. Health of Current Aged Receivables through Analysis of Current Liquidity
    b. Aged Receivables through Analysis of Historical Collection Percentages
    c. Trend Line and Ratio Comparison of Historical Accounts Receivable Balances
    d. Projection of Future Collection Rate Expectations
    <span id=blockValuation></span>Valuation of Receivables
  • Portfolio Management

    With Portfolio Management, we provide complete back office services to manage a lender’s range of investments. Our background and involvement gives the lender increased transparency into the investment while limiting their committed resources.

    Scope of Services:

    a. Back Office – Rent Collection, Bookkeeping
    b. Cash Management and Cash Projections
    c. Systematic Tracking of Tenant Financial Health
    d. Covenant Compliance Tracking
    e. Monthly Reporting and Consulting Services
    <span id=blockPortfolio></span>Portfolio Management
  • Collections

    The LTC Collections Department undertakes the recoupment process of outstanding SNF Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care receivable accounts. Our team of dedicated specialists effectively exhaust every possible effort to get claims paid, assisting hundreds of clients nationwide with getting their AR back on track.

    Scope of Services:

    a. Complete Aging Analysis
    b. Collection of all Outstanding Receivables
    c. Implementation of Procedures to Avoid Future Collections
    <span id=blockCollections></span>Collections
  • Back Office Support

    With over 300 employees on staff, LTC ensures that all aspects of business office management are optimized via constant case monitoring and thorough analysis of procedures. LTC’s professionals adeptly identify pain points and consistently implement new and proactive strategies for maximum efficiency.

    Scope of Services:

    a. Accounts Receivable – Billing Cycle Management
    b. Financial and Accounting Services
    c. Payroll Consulting
    d. Contracting Services
    <span id=blockSupport></span>Back Office Support

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