Focus on your organization’s growth and success.

LTC Financial Advisory Services (LFAS) gives you an invaluable connection to a premier, full-service acquisition underwriting team. Comprised of highly-qualified CPAs with vast healthcare experience, LFAS works closely with you to create a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific nursing home or portfolio’s needs. We provide merger and acquisition (M&A) support, financial underwriting, due diligence and asset management for REITs and landlords.

Acquisition Support & Underwriting

LFAS provides prospective investors and lenders with security, knowing that historical seller data has been analyzed and rolled forward into reliable projections. With every angle defined and calculated, our timely assessment will identify risk and opportunity with a clear set of financial goals, and support investment decision making.

Asset Management

LFAS provides complete back office services to manage a landlords range of investments. Our expertise and industry experience gives a landlord increased transparency into their investment while limiting their committed resources.

Not many – if any – accounting teams have our years of healthcare-specific knowledge. Tap into the opportunity to empower yourself with our industry-specific experience.