Time crunches, navigating Govt. agencies, coordinating with each involved partner and entity-that’s just what we do. Our healthcare contracting clients have confidence that their facility setup will be handled properly, and timely, when working with the LTC team.



After working internally on Provider Enrollment matters for many years, LTC now offers this breakthrough solution to other providers as well. No need to utilize legal counsel for a transaction that does not require it. No need to pay hourly rates, when a flat service fee covers it all. Why not have those knowledgeable of your financial needs, and the specific criteria you need to hit the ground running on day 1, to take care of.

When LTC Contracting is handling a facility’s licensure and credentialing, a tight CHOW schedule is adhered to. Every step of the process is delegated, and must be completed by the given window allowed for the process. To avoid anything falling through the cracks, a customized calendar is created so both client and staff are aware of what steps they each need to take at each designated point. LTC Contracting not only completes the CMS and State approval, we see this through by ensuring the billing software is setup correctly, and that proper claim submission follows.

It’s about efficiency. It’s about our financial focus…..It’s about time!

  • Once a facility is set up, all time dependent expirations are logged, and alerts are received to ensure the facility does not lapse on any certifications or submissions to keep themselves licensed, with continued recognition as an active provider.

Our Healthcare Contracting Process

  • Entity Setup

    Entity Setup

    Gather all entity and partner information, along with all organizational structure to set up all legal entity formation. Advises client regarding multiple entities and ownership organization chart.

  • Licensure


    Work with Client requirements and DOH to facilitate Licensure, and ensure it is available in time for close.

  • Bank Account Structuring

    Bank Account Structuring

    Working alongside each lender and client’s operational requirements, LTC forms all bank accounts needs to handle govt and non govt payments, payroll, management entities, resident funds, and local accounts.

  • Provider Enrollment

    Provider Enrollment

    Aside for obtaining certification from Medicare and Medicaid recognizing new provider, LTC works alongside facility staff so they can be aware of how to operate and bill all throughout this process.

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