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Working with the LTC team allows clients to trust that all moving parts of Contracting and Provider setup are coordinated efficiently. Getting the job done is not our focus. Getting the job done right, is what we pride ourselves on.

Our long-standing relationships with Govt. Agencies and Insurers, lend to a productive and direct contact to accommodate our clients’ needs. Knowing each individual offices’ requirements and preferences, allows us to get quick approval and finalize client requests.

  • Communication

    LTC Contracting not only communicates via ongoing reports of all progress made on each contract, they are in constant contact with the facility admissions staff to know who they can accept and how to go about getting approved to accept these residents.

  • CHOW (Change of Ownership) Process

    When LTC Contracting is handling a facilities licensure and credentialing, a tight CHOW schedule is adhered to. Every step of the process is delegated, and must be completed by the given window allowed for the process. To avoid anything falling through the cracks, a customized calendar is created so both client and staff are aware of what steps they each need to take at each designated point.

  • Vital records portal

    LTC Contracting Clients are offered a secure cloud based file room, where all updated contracts and credentials are maintained.

    A dashboard consisting of the most up to date information is accessible to all facility staff via a secure login.

LTC Contracting Highlights

Healthcare Credentialing and HMO Contracting by The Healthcare Business Professionals.

  • Our services are contingency-based, and risk-free.
  • We possess a thorough knowledge of all State specific regulations, and requirements.
  • We are proud to uphold long standing relationships with insurers and government agencies.
  • Our reach is national, servicing all Healthcare related business entities around the country.
  • Keeping your staff in the know, and up to date on all upcoming policy and insurer changes.
  • We specialize in multi facility ownerships. Structuring what is most advantageous for each location.
  • By providing value to Insurers, and assistance with their market needs, we can work alongside them when expanding or shrinking their networks.


  • Licensure
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract Review and auditing
  • Credentialing
  • Part B Provider Contracting
  • Full CHOW services
  • Managed Care Contracting

Our Process

  • Discovery phase

    Discovery phase

    Prior to any application submitted, each facility is researched through all gathered govt. and insurer data, as well as a market study based off comparable locations, facility services and specialties, and recent market activity

  • Project initiation

    Project initiation

    Upon beginning with either a contract or credentialing matter, all activities are then logged and reported to client regularly so progress can be followed. Facility staff receive a similar progress log so they are aware at all times of where they stand regarding both admissions, and reimbursement.

  • Ongoing Recertifications

    Ongoing Recertifications

    Once a facility is set up, all time dependent expirations are logged and alerts are received to ensure the facility does not lapse on any recertifications or submissions to keep themselves licensed, certified, and in contract with each party.

  • Approval process

    Approval process

    Prior to requesting client consent and signature of a contract each contract is reviewed against a 16 point checklist, so no term or exclusion is overlooked. Only once approved by our contracting specialist, is it approved for client signature.

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