Collection of Receivables Process


From referral cases that are difficult to recover, to an entire AR aging that requires assistance, our team of dedicated specialists efficiently, effectively and relentlessly exhaust every possible effort required to get claims paid through our accounts receivable collection process.We have successfully recovered millions of presumed uncollectable receivables at a remarkably high ratio.

Collection of Aging Receivables Highlights:

  • AR Recovery

    AR Recovery

    A substantial % of AR presumable to hit bad debt, will be recovered

  • Ensure Bad Debt is Legitimate

    Ensure Bad Debt is Legitimate

    AR balances would be reviewed to ensure that every possible collection effort has been exhausted prior to write off

  • Analytics and Consulting

    Analytics and Consulting

    Trends, recurring issues and the root cause of what is causing the efficiency slowdown in payers will be communicated, along with recommendations that will assist on solidifying AR collections and close the gaps going forward

  • Boost Productivity

    Boost Productivity

    Referring the older dates of service will allow your internal staff to properly focus and lead to better results on the current AR

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