In-Network Contracts


Substance Abuse and Addiction In Network Contracts

It’s all about Relationships. Relationships we’ve built over time, foster strong collaboration between our clients and Health Insurers. LTC is proud of these relationships, and attribute our continued success with obtaining and negotiating In Network agreements for Behavioral Health, to this.

  • Communication

    LTC Contracting not only communicates via ongoing reports of all progress made on each contract, they are in constant contact with the facility admissions and marketing staff to know who they can accept and how to go about getting approved to accept these members.

  • Software Portal

    LTC Contracting offers a secure online based portal that classifies all Managed care contracts by insurer and product. This enables the admission staff to have a quick overview of in network payers and the criteria for each level of reimbursement on the tip of their fingers.

Our Process

  • Discovery Phase

    Discovery Phase

    Prior to any application submitted, each facility is researched through all gathered govt. and insurer data, as well as a market study based off comparable locations, facility services and specialties, and recent market activity. Often, we may advise a facility to remain out of network, to best operate alongside a particular Insurer.

  • Project Initiation

    Project Initiation

    Upon beginning with either an In Network contract or credentialing matter, all activities are then logged and reported to client regularly, so progress can be followed. Facility staff receive a similar progress log, so they are aware at all times of where they stand regarding both admissions, and reimbursement.

  • Ongoing Recertifications

    Ongoing Recertifications

    Once a facility is contracted, expiration dates and termination dates are logged. An alert will be sent out when a renewal is necessary, or when a contract awaiting adjustment is open for negotiations. Any facility Accreditations are logged and kept up to date and active.

  • Approval process

    Approval process

    Prior to requesting client consent and signature of a contract each contract is reviewed against a 16 point checklist, so no term or exclusion is overlooked. Only once approved by our contracting specialist, is it approved for client signature.

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