LTC Contracting is a complete solution for all Managed Care Services and Change of Ownership needs.
This ranges from Managed Care Contracting, Case Management, Government Enrollments, and Behavioral Health Provider Services.

LTC Contracting was founded by healthcare finance professionals with extensive experience in reimbursement and a keen understanding in healthcare operations. Clients benefit from our strong relationships with insurers and government offices, as well as targeted market data to help lead our clients to financial success.


Trust the LTC Contracting team to handle all your Managed Care needs, and all continued work throughout the year – with less stress, less delays and less costs.


Let LTC Contracting handle all your Licensure, Enrollment and Business setup needed for your new healthcare entity.

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Substance Abuse Provider Service

Our healthcare contracting clients have confidence that their facility setup will be handled properly, and timely, when working with the LTC.


Working with the LTC team allows clients to trust that all moving parts of Contracting and Provider setup are coordinated efficiently. Getting the job done is not our only focus. Getting the job done right, is what we pride ourselves on.

Our long-standing relationships with Govt. Agencies and Insurers, lend to a productive and direct contact to accommodate our clients’ needs. Knowing each individual offices’ requirements and preferences, allows us to get quick approval and finalize client requests.


  • Our services are contingency-based, and risk-free.
  • We possess a thorough knowledge of all State specific regulations, and requirements.
  • We are proud to uphold long standing relationships with insurers and government agencies.
  • Our reach is national, servicing all Healthcare related business entities around the country.​
  • Keeping your staff in the know, and up to date on all upcoming policy and insurer changes.
  • We specialize in multi facility ownerships. Structuring what is most advantageous for each location.
  • By providing value to Insurers, and assistance with their market needs, we can work alongside them when expanding or shrinking their networks.


  • Provider and Facility Licensure
  • Part B Provider Contracting
  • Managed Care Contract Negotiations
  • Full CHOW Services
  • Legal Entity Setup
  • Contract Review and Auditing
  • Managed Care Authorizations


Each sale and transaction is sensitive and specific to the operators defined agreement. This leaves the marketing and admission staff unsure on how to handle referrals, and which Insurers are ones they can work with on day 1. This lends to added confusion for the billing staff, who must submit claims properly based on what is allowed by each Insurer. LTC Contracting CHOW specialists advise all staff from date of sale throughout the transition with a clear and coordinated process.
  • For date of sale we educate the admission and marketing teams, how the sale will affect admissions.
  • Advise how admissions can now be admitted and what must be provided to each Insurer.
  • Orchestrate with Insurance companies LOA or SCA for any resident that is in-house and not covered on a contract.
  • Move over necessary authorizations when there is a contract approval for new operator.
  • Advise billing how to format claims at each point of the transition, as well as advise what effects each arrangement will have to payment/cashflow.

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