Where’s My Cash?


Are you often asking yourself this question? You know your operations are well-run, you assume your facility is financially secure and profitable, yet you’re tight on cash. Why?

You’re not alone. Many owners and operators are tossing and turning at night with this very question running through their minds.

Enter LTC Financial Advisory Services, and the outsourced CFO solution.

An outsourced CFO gives you access to just the right amount of senior financial talent, providing high-level oversight and big-picture answers. Small to mid-sized companies can access an experienced financial mind at a cost that matches the needs and budget of their business, and eliminate many worries and headaches.

Through a team of experienced CPA’s, LTC obtains a thorough understanding of your financial picture. Although not physically on hand, the Financial Advisory team is in complete control of your company’s financials.

Imagine having a senior CFO on standby.

  •  Worried about next week’s call with your bank or lender?
  • Struggling with financial projects and accounting decisions?
  •  Are my expenses in line with industry averages?
  •  Going through a merger or acquisition?
  •  Need help developing an accurate budget?

Get some peace of mind! Count on LTCFAS to focus on your complete financial picture and to jump on tough calls with your banks and lenders. Free up your precious time and focus your energy on business development and growth.

The accounting world is evolving, and you need an objective CFO on the leading edge.

An outsourced CFO contributes a broad wealth of knowledge and best practices based on their experiences. This independent viewpoint brings a fresh perspective to the difficulties your staff may be too entrenched in.

Objectivity makes an outsourced CFO solution much more than a financial advisor. They can pinpoint gaps and inefficiencies in your workflow. They make suggestions for streamlined processes and systems. LTC has experience using various technology solutions and programs, giving them the knowledge to recommend and implement new technology that will best benefit your business. The Financial Advisory Services team at LTC oversees your business’ financial and accounting departments, including high-level oversight of these employees.

It just makes sense.

Outsourcing a CFO provides your business with access to just the right amount of senior talent without the full-time price tag. Outsourced CFO services are a function of the Financial Advisory Services division at LTC Consulting Services.

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