The New Medicare Advantage – Coming 2019 to an Insurance Broker Near You

The New Medicare Advantage – Coming 2019 to an Insurance Broker Near You




In a world of well intended plans, there is one plan that stands out. It’s called Medicare Advantage, with one company pushing the limits even further.

Imagine getting paid to walk. Well, there’s an insurance company paying out millions of dollars a year to people who meet walking goals.

Where skill used to be everything, or should I say skilled care, but now CMS raises the stakes.

The folks at Medicare got together and they’re scratching their heads and they’re like, “This doesn’t seem right. If our coverage is for primarily health-related care, we should be covering more nutritious food, transportation to health-related services, independent living, assisted living, adult daycare…Other health care settings are now considered for Medicare reimbursement.

A place where wellness programs fail. A new data rich Medicare Advantage is getting stronger by the day, enforcing individual healthy habits.

Get ready for more insurer-promoted healthy choices, like free gym membership for people that clearly do not need it.

Of course the most annoying are those people in exceptionally good shape at the gym. I’m always like, “What are you doing here? You’re done. What are you, rubbing it in? Luckily there’s always one or two people at the gym you look at and you’re like, “Don’t bother. You’re wasting your time. And then you realize it’s just your reflection in the mirror.”

The new Medicare Advantage coming in 2019 to an insurance broker near you.