LTC Consulting Lens: That’s a Rap!

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Steve Shain: For the LTC Lens, we’re doing something a little different here for the end of 2017. We want to show you about the accomplishments of our companies. Over the last year it’s been pretty amazing what we’ve accomplished. I’m here at 100 Boulevard of the Americas, this is our new home. Check out our new logos, our new branding, it’s really amazing, but what’s really amazing is our brand new state-of-the-art building that we have here behind us. We’re going to take you in, and we’ll show you a little bit about what we’ve accomplished this year. You’re going to be amazed – come inside.

Here we are inside. If you take a look around, we have some of our companies. Obviously, our parent company LTC Consulting is the industry leader in A/R and full back office support for skilled nursing facilities, hitting record collections every single year. But I’d like to show you a little bit about some of our other divisions. LTC Contracting – which now is expanding, instead of only servicing skilled nursing facilities, is now doing credentialing and contracting for every single kind of healthcare-related organization. Our financial advisory services, which is brand new for 2017, is an outsourced CFO Service. Another thing that their division does is due diligence; they’ve been at the heart of hundreds of transactions this year for the skilled nursing facility industry. LTC Collections, our collections service that handles outstanding A/R, going back to as far as five years, they’ve collected this year approximately $15 million. These are amazing things about some of our new divisions at our new companies.

Now if you come with me inside – hey, Harold! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about some of the accomplishments of our companies over the last year?

Harold: To wrap up our accomplishments he turns it over to the H.P. In summary, LTC and family have expanded with an array of some brand new companies, encompassing the entire healthcare financial industry. After all, that’s our trademark: “Your bottom line is our top priority.” What we pride ourselves most on is our 400 outstanding employees. Let’s be real – we could have not done it without you. We’re so thankful, please don’t think we don’t feel grateful – we do! To our clients, both old and new, we’ve set our eyes upon an even more amazing 2018, if that’s even possible.

Steve: Wow! And don’t forget – you thought the Healthcare Summit at Metlife Stadium was amazing, check out, where our 2018 event is already underway. From all of us at LTC, have a happy new year.