Foresight is 2020

Foresight is 2020



Foresight is 2020

Ok, who is ready to play a game? Are you ready? Here we go! It’s going to move quick so hold on tight.

We’re going to show you pictures. I’m going to show you picture after picture after picture and you have to choose if they fall under Category A or Category B.

Pretty simple, right?

Category A and Category B are as follows.

Category A are things that are primarily health related. That means they have a lot to do with your health.

Category B are things that improve health or functions, so they have to do with health but they’re not primarily health related.

So, again, A has a lot to do with health and B, eh, not so much.

Ok? We’re going to do this quick like a lightning round. I’m going to show you the picture and you’re going to choose A or B. Here we go!

The first picture is adult daycares. A or B? It’s A, good!

Companionship: someone that needs help so they’re not lonely or getting depressed. B, good!

A grab bar: when someone’s in the shower and they don’t want to fall down or they need help getting up. A, good!

Next, shampooing your carpets if someone has asthma and they can’t breathe and this will help them breathe better. A or B? B, very good!

How about transportation like Uber Health? Transportation to a medical visit. A.

How about the next one? Transportation not for medical needs? B. I see you’re catching on.

You’re doing well. One more!

Pest control? A or B? If you answered B you got it right.

Now, let’s show you all of your choices. Here are the “A’s” and here are the “B’s.”

Why in the world am I telling you this? First of all, so you can see that you’re good at this game. We should play this more often!

But also because there’s a very big difference between Category A and Category B.

Category A is what CMS told insurance companies they can roll out for 2019 as benefits to their premium paying members.

Category B are new benefits that CMS said can be rolled out by insurers for their membership in 2020.

So, this is going to be another thing we’re going to see changing in 2020, is that they loosened the shackles, they loosened the terms of what should be included by insurers.

So, as the competition gets greater, and as the market gets more interesting, you’re going to see insurers offering more Category B stuff.

These are just some of the examples, they can really choose anything that improves health or function. Let’s see what happens and thanks for playing! See you next time.