10% increase in collections

At first, our reaction was that we can do this by ourselves and there’s no need for any outside interference to get the job done. After all billing is billing, and our business office is doing just fine. We met with LTC and they asked us if our cash flow is where we need it to be each month. They asked if we were on board with tightening a few areas of our admissions screenings and patient tracking in order to increase the facilities collections by 8-15%. I must say they hit the nail on the head, as lately we were struggling to get our payroll and vendor payments completed timely, and we did notice a dip in our collections. Well long story short, we are now 3 years in to our relationship with LTC and have not looked back since. Their reps are always courteous and responsive, and best of all our collections percentages have climbed from 88% to 99%, after our first year in.