$1.2 million over the past few months in collections

We operate a large Non Profit SNF out of NYC, and have 6 veteran staff members on our financial team. Even though I staff a full office, we constantly encounter difficult claims that are deferred to a senior manager to handle.  The time and difficulty of these cases cause a distraction from my staff’s day to day responsibilities.  One of our board members suggested we reach out to LTC Collections. This was a big decision for us, and took time to consider all our options. At the start of this year we began sending these claims to LTC, and immediately saw results. They tackled our larger balances first and then moved on to the others. We estimate to have collected $1.2 million over the past few months just in collections. Between their team and our staff, our AR operations are running like a well-oiled machine. Thank you LTC, we are truly impressed.