Watch “The Quid Pro Quo Video” by LTC Contracting

The Quid Pro Quo Video.

Hey everyone!

If you’ll notice this video looks a little bit different.

I’ll get to that in a moment, but I want to talk to you about today are two points that are making a lot of news. That is Medicare for All  – which is pretty easy to pronounce, and something that’s not so easy to pronounce: Quid Pro Quo.

Now, one of them can make you very electable the other one can make you very impeachable. Really they don’t really have much to do with each other – Medicare for All and Quid pro Quo; however, they converge when we’re talking about healthcare. And this is what I’d like to clear the air about.

Medicare for All is really a fundamental argument: the fundamental argument on how healthcare should be provided in this country. There is the concept that maybe Medicare for All is a good model, or maybe we should take the current model and adjust it and tweak it to make it better.

But keep in mind that aside for this argument, there are Political Action Committees (called PACs). These PACs are on the Medicare for All side that is a deep pocketed well-funded organization that is coming from companies as well as other organizations that will benefit in a quid pro quo style from Medicare for All and therefore they’re pushing to influence that.

On the other hand, the anti-Medicare for All, there is a Partnership for Americas Healthcare Future which is a huge PAC that is trying to go against Medicare for All. Again, they’re company backed organizations that will benefit from not having Medicare for All.

Aside for this fundamental argument about Medicare for All being the right choice or not, there is really another argument  through corporations and organizations that would like to influence the decision here. So keep in mind that policy is often driven by politics.

And when you’re dealing with politics, nothing is ever just black and white.

Thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next time!


Steve Shain, COO

LTC Contracting

Watch “The PDPM Rap” by LTC Contracting

PDPM, the rap. As being danced to at SNF morning meetings everywhere.

Lyrics by Steve Shain, COO LTC Contracting

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3 Must-Haves in an AR Specialist

LTC Collections


3 Must-Haves in an AR Specialist


Your staff is working hard to ensure smooth admissions and proper care for each patient. The billing department is continuously receiving new claims and is finding it difficult to process them with the constant onslaught of looming deadlines. You have come to terms with the fact that it’s time to hand off some of the workload to a competent new hire or third-party so your receivables team can focus on the current; making sure each patient is receiving the care they need.

However, while you understand that this is an essential step in enabling your facility’s success, how does one go about finding an individual or company qualified enough to handle one of the most integral aspects of your business? After all, the wrong hire can disrupt your entire cash-flow!

As a company that has been working with hundreds of SNFs over the last decade, here at LTC we’ve seen it all. We’ve put together this list of the top three must-haves facility operators should check for when considering handing off a facility’s AR to specialists.

1. Expert Knowledge of your particular state’s CMS, Medicaid/Medicare and MCO rules


Look for an individual/ company that is familiar with your state and its various regulations/laws. Being that Medicaid rules vary, sometimes very subtly, per state, specialists that are familiar with the nuances and requirements are per region, will not only help things get processed, but may allow for a lower margin of denied claims.


2. Strong Relationships with HMOs and MCOs


As in every industry, positive and well-rooted relationships are important. An individual or company that has strong relationships with the various insurance companies can help you get better contracts, better timely filing – time allowances for filling a claim and are key when issues arise.

3. An Emphasis on Technology; Software and Support


A technologically advanced company that can integrate with your billing software (most billing software doesn’t have the capabilities to track follow-ups properly) and that can properly track day to day workflow will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and all claims are followed up. And when cleaning up aging AR, proper technology can provide analytics and help pinpoint what caused these claims to fall behind.


Keep this checklist in mind when considering a receivables specialist for your skilled nursing facility to ensure a smooth transition.


LTC Consulting Services is the long term care industry’s premier medical billing service and off-site central business office. LTC’s custom business management packages for health care facilities offers peace of mind while substantially increasing and maximizing their revenues.