4 Proven Tips to Accept Referrals in Under 10 Minutes!

4 Proven Tips to Accept Referrals Quickly in a SNF

A common complaint among skilled nursing providers is how to fill empty beds. Vacant beds count as one of the the biggest expense at skilled nursing facilities. Many nursing homes are consistently at 70% – 80% capacity in what is an extremely competitive industry. Many facilities have access to many referrals, but they are just not acting fast enough. Since filling beds is the primary means to generate revenue, putting a proactive plan into place is of paramount importance.

Here are 4 Proven Tips to Accept Referrals and Ensure Profitable Admissions in Under 10 Minutes.

Tip #1: Managed Care Contracts

Make sure both the marketing and admissions teams have a clear understanding and written guide of the managed care payers that you are in network with. You should also be aware of each contract’s reimbursement rates and level criteria, what carveouts are needed, and if additional authorizations are needed for ancillary services.

Tip #2: Online Services

Invest in an accurate and efficient online software that you can use for eligibility checks across multiple payers. This will pay for itself in just a short while, when your team is no longer required to spend valuable time verifying payers through several different parties.

Tip #3: Proper Staffing

Employ a knowledgeable MDS Coordinator and Rehab Director. Staff members that can swiftly evaluate the amount of therapy needed and medication costs against the potential reimbursement when a referral comes in, can be an asset when it comes to determining profitable admissions.

Tip #4: Decide!

Once you have gathered all relevant information, it should be submitted immediately to an experienced decision maker who will consider all the variables to make the ultimate (and speedy) call on whether to accept or pass on a referral.

By taking the time now to put these simple steps into place, your staff will be able to accept profitable admissions swiftly and effectively in just minutes.

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