Profit more. Stress Less.

In today’s ever-changing, rapidly-evolving healthcare environment, every dollar counts; the bottom line is now a top priority. Welcome to the world of LTC. We specialize in providing Skilled Nursing Facilities with a comprehensive suite of critical finance, billing and business office management services.

  • Simplify Billing Complexities

    Simplify Billing Complexities

    Our teams possess the experience and know-how to navigate the traditional claims process and provide personalized billing and reimbursement solutions that directly impact profits.

  • Streamline Claims & Reimbursements

    Streamline Claims & Reimbursements

    We tap into the power of four cohesive divisions – situated under one roof – spanning every area of the financial process, to help clients streamline the claims process, improve cash flow and boost revenues.

  • Maximize Facility Profitability

    Maximize Facility Profitability

    The collaborative results offered by our skilled team gives clients the freedom to focus on operating the facility and providing optimal care – and letting us handle the financial complexities.